Success Stories

Saying Good-bye to Deer Park

​​​I had the pleasure to work with Carol & Lee to sell their home in Deer Park. Lee was an original owner that had her home built-in 1964. Before we put it on the market I advised their family to de-clutter.  After 3 weeks we still didn't get any offers so the next step was working on the price but we also needed to have the rugs pulled up, stain the floors in the Entrance Stairs, L/R, D/R, and the Hallway. After that was completed the sale of her home came right after. Lee was 94 yrs old and she wanted to sell her home and move out of state where her older sister of 96 yrs lived. They both wanted to be together and live out their golden years together!                                           
Their success stories started Jan 2021


First Time Home Buyer


I met Shanique in 2014 when I represented her father and found their family a home in North Babylon. Fast Forward to 2020, I received a call from Shanique who was now looking to purchase a home of her own as a single mom and wanted each of her children to have their own bedroom.  This was a new beginning for Shanique.  After several disappointments of not having her offers accepted, we finally found a perfect home. Unfortunately, Shanique put her trust in a Mortgage Broker that REALLY disappointed her and after 70-80 days now tells her that he could not get her a Mortgage.  Believe it or not, it wasn't because of her credit;  there was another individual that had the same name with bad credit and the Mortgage Broker didn't know what he was doing. From there I recommended Shanique to a Mortgage Broker who not only fast-tracked the loan but managed to close within 40-50 days!

The Smile On All Their Faces Tells The Story in 2020

My Heroes Working on the "Front Line"

In 2020 at the beginning of the Covid Epidemic, I had the pleasure of working with Naomi and Dhan Paul. I will never forget the conversations we had when they explained to me their everyday nightmare working as Nurse Practitioners. After looking at several houses they finally saw this house and immediately knew that it was the house for them. Upon exiting this home they said, "Karen, this is the home we want." They got an accepted offer, moved in, and started making memories in their new home!

One of the very few good memories during Covid!

New Home to Start Their New Memories in 2021

Kathleen, Rob, and their children, Dylan and Lacey were neighbors of mine. They wanted to find a home in Commack.  The current housing market has strong demand but a limited supply of homes, so I knew that I had my work cut out for me! I noticed that a particular home recently came back on the market because the previous Buyer was denied a Mortgage Loan. Lucky for us! I called immediately. They looked at this house the very next day.  It was just what they were looking for. I was informed that this home was being sold by 3 siblings whose parents were the original owners from 1957. The siblings were so happy to sell their house to a young couple like Kathleen and Rob, knowing that their home would be the start of many new memories.





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